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Ulgen Hash Power Project

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Funds gathered until the next Block Box

About Ulgen Hash Power Project

Ulgen Hash Power project is an asset-backed coin project with the collaboration of Bitfury, MDKI, and UHP Global Inc. Utilizing the low power rate and Bitfury's efficient Mining Block Box AC, we are mining in stable and efficient condition. UHPGlobal Inc has issued and listed the UHP coin on a Korean Exchange. The coin economy consists of BUY BACK-BURN OUT system and Staking Wallet for BTC rewards. 

Low Power Rate

Secured the worlds lowest possible power rate in the Central Asian Region

High Computational Power

Efficient high computational rate is provided by Bitfury Block Box AC

Stable and Continious Revenue

Safety and stability is our main concern. Thus, we have collaboring with world's top mining company

Block Box AC

The Bitfury Group’s BlockBox AC is one of the most powerful bitcoin mining devices available on the market today.


BlockBox AC includes 176 air-cooled mining servers that deliver high hashrate.


BlockBox AC is one of the most powerful and cost effective bitcoin mining solutions available on the market, based on a modern Bitfury hardware and software, fully upgradeable to the next generation of silicon technology. Multiple Bitfury BlockBox AC units can be easily deployed in conjunction with each other for building mining farms of any scale.


BlockBox AC is a full-featured containerized solution which can be placed at a best location for optimized OPEX, performance and deployment. Mobility of the product will allow further relocation to better available location in case needed.


The BlockBox AC solution is maintained by a team of highly qualified trained professionals. The constant monitoring allows it to keep the system running at a highest rate and provide immediate reaction in response to any issues found.


The BlockBox AC owner can perform remote monitoring using browser or a mobile app which will display necessary information, parameters and KPI of the system in real time.


The BlockBox AC both software and hardware components, can be easily upgraded. The modular architecture of the Bitfury BlockBox AC and its В8 servers allow it to keep many existing parts unchanged while upgrading hardware to newer components or ASIC chips. This feature of Bitfury BlockBox AC is unique on bitcoin mining solutions market today.Bitfury’s data centers and BlockBoxes use best-in-class network equipment from Hewlett Packard Enterprise, providing Bitfury and our clients with the world’s most advanced support and global networking capabilities.

Token Economy

Investment Portion

Hash Usage

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Road Map

  • Ulgen Power Trading System


    A Decentralized Power Trading system based on private blockchain has been created by Ulgen Team. after 3 years of hard work.

  • Low Power Rate


    Our team has traveled around Central Asia for the lowest rate possible electricity. Thus we have secured around 2 cent power rate. Still we are on our journey to find more low and stable electricity.

  • Launch of Ulgen Hash Power Project

    25 June, 2020

    Based on high computational power and low rate of power and innovative token economy, the first one of a kind Ulgen Hash Power Project has launched. Click here to Join us.

  • Contract with Bitfury

    3 July, 2020

    Bitfury is a world leading bitcoin miner company. Through our cooperation with Bitfury, we have acheived to make a asset backed coin project - Ulgen Hash Power.

  • Listed on Korean Exchange 'Bitsonic'

    7 July, 2020

    Only 2 weeks after the launch of the project, UHP coin was listed on Korean won exchange - Bitsonic.

  • Listed on Global Exchange 'Bithumb Global'

    27 August, 2020

    For the Global investor, we have successfully listed UHP on one of the most famous Global Exchanges.

  • Listed on Global Exchange 'Probit'

    4 September, 2020

    Listed on one of the fastest growing exchange in the world.

  • 10 Blockboxes

    31 December, 2020

    We are planning to build 10 block boxes within 2020.

  • 100 Blockboxes


    We are planning to build 100 block boxes within 2023.

  • Attract Global IDC Centers


    Our vision is to attract Global IT Data Centers into our power plants.

Global Partners